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Do you wish a giant meteor would destroy the Earth?

Meteor strikes EarthNearly one in four young Americans would rather have a giant meteor destroy the Earth than see Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the White House. In addition, 26 percent of millennials would prefer a random lottery over the two candidates.

It's been a tough week leading up to tonight's final presidential debate.

The local Republican headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina made national headlines when a firebomb was thrown through its front window last Sunday. Later that day, comedian Amy Schumer was performing in Tampa, Florida when she began slamming Donald Trump. Some two hundred people walked out. Yesterday a terrible caricatured statue of Hillary Clinton was displayed in lower Manhattan, causing a furor on social media.

For many, the election can't get here soon enough. According to the American Psychological Association, more than half of America's adults say the election has been a large or significant source of stress for them.

So-called "Election Stress Disorder" is just part of the larger picture. Nearly three out of four adults report feeling stressed about money at least some of the time. Eighty percent of workplace accidents and doctor visits are attributed to stress.

Stress contributes to headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety. It is a linked to some cancers and costs American industry more than $300 billion each year.

How should we respond?

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How should churches deal with gay members? 4 facts

Credit: PexelsHow should churches who affirm biblical truth regarding homosexuality handle gay members?

Yesterday I addressed the controversy generated by Watermark Church's decision to discipline a gay member of its congregation. The continuing debate fostered by this issue shows that it is not limited to one church or to the issue of homosexuality. While I cannot explore this complicated subject fully in a single article, I would like to offer this overview.

One: Church discipline is unpopular.

When the Watermark decision became public, the response was immediate and strongly negative. I heard people ask, "Who do they think they are? What right do they have to judge others?" Such questions are symptomatic of a culture that has defined truth as personal and subjective. Tolerance is the overriding value of our day. As a result, any attempts to hold others accountable for biblical morality will be met with derision.

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Dallas church criticized for disciplining gay member

Credit: Maura Teague via FlickrOn October 9, 2015, a member of Watermark Church in Dallas received a letter responding to his homosexual lifestyle. The letter noted that the church had worked with the man over several years to help him repent of such relationships.

However, the man's decision to continue in a homosexual relationship caused the church to remove him from its membership and to treat him "as we would anyone who is living out of fellowship with God." The congregation is praying "that repentance comes quickly and that you do not continue choosing a path of destruction and one that leads you away from the authority and care of the church."

On the one-year anniversary of receiving the letter, the man described his anger on Facebook: "You are tarnishing the name of God to Christians and non-Christians alike; you should be ashamed of yourselves! Do not forget, Jesus was a [sic] angry with people just like you who said certain groups of people were not worthy to be followers of Him."

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Why Bob Dylan is a Nobel prize-winning prophet

AP Photo/Chris PizzelloBob Dylan received the Nobel Prize in Literature yesterday. One of his most famous songs was recorded in 1964. It ends: "The line it is drawn the curse it is cast / The slow one now will later be fast / As the present now will later be past / The order is rapidly fadin' / And the first one now will later be last / For the times they are a-changin'!"

Dylan is more right today than ever.

The Wall Street Journal reports that just one in five millennials has ever tried a Big Mac. To win them back, McDonald's has created digital media hubs in Singapore, London, and Illinois.

According to The Washington Post, TV ratings for NFL games are down 11 percent from last season. One significant factor is the number of people watching games on digital platforms that do not contribute to television ratings. For more, see Ryan Denison's Why the NFL is losing viewers.

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What America doesn't understand about Tim Tebow

Credit: Rick Scuteri via APTim Tebow is making headlines yet again. He was signing autographs on Tuesday after playing in a minor league baseball game when he saw a fan having what appeared to be a seizure. Tebow talked and prayed with him until paramedics arrived, then promised to check on him later. "God bless you, buddy," he said. As Tebow headed for the team bus, fans saluted him. "That was class," one said.

ESPN has more on the story this morning, quoting Tebow's explanation for his actions: "People are what's important. And an opportunity to help someone is more important than anything that I could have possibly done on a baseball diamond that day."

Why is America so fascinated with Tim Tebow?

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