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'Dirty Dancing' remake? Nostalgia never moved so smooth

Abigail Breslin arrives at the LA premiere screening of Scream Queens at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, September 21, 2015 (Credit: AP Images/Richard Shotwell)Author's note: In college, I participated in a skit in which I played the part of Patrick Swayze. My dance moves were like that of a mosquito, highly erratic and striking fear into the hearts of those in close proximity. Therefore, I am highly biased.

Nobody puts baby in a corner and no one keeps her there either. ABC has officially given the go-ahead for a new musical version of Dirty Dancing. Be prepared to move your TV out of the corner, because Baby has some dancing to do.

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Christmas music: uniting Ozzy and Bieber

Justin Bieber - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Animagic Version)  (Credit: Justin Bieber via Youtube)According to Perry Como, its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. But in certain places around the country, Como could be considered a deceiver. It does not look like it or feel like it, but it is sounding like it. The sweltering heat does not give the Christmas vibe, but the swooning vocals of Mariah Carey singing "All I Want for Christmas" signals a change of seasons.

Outside of a few rebellious instigators, Thanksgiving is the unofficial kick-off to the Christmas music season. This is a time when radio stations transition from playing hits from the 80s and 90s, including but not limited to White Snake, Culture Club, and Matchbox 20. These stations will now start playing the same songs with different artists and renditions, all singing in some form or fashion about a baby. This baby, according to Faith Hill, changed everything—including playlists.

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'Perfect' according to One Direction

One Direction Reveals 'Perfect' Artwork (Credit: One Direction)Like a Swiss army knife, One Direction is a band with many talents. Besides stealing the hearts of teenage girls, One Direction inundates radio airwaves with hits that are so catchy you could mistake them for the flu. When they aren't describing "What Makes you Beautiful," they are covering Blondie's "One Way or Another," reinforcing their insistence upon going in one direction. But in their latest hit, they steal Webster's role and define perfection.

In "Perfect," the boys of One Direction combine an inquisitive spirit with a self-deprecating perspective all in an effort to woo "baby." Who is baby? She is an attractive female that has an inquiring look upon her face. Or as the boys sing, "I could tell that you were curious, oh yeah."

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Who will be the next James Bond?

Crime drama series starring Idris Elba as Luther, a near-genius murder detective whose brilliant mind can't always save him from the dangerous violence of his passions (Credit: BBC via Facebook) Spectre, the newest James Bond movie, has opened to huge success overseas and is set to premiere in American theaters on Friday. However, James Bond might look quite different when the next film rolls around. Daniel Craig, the star of the film, made headlines recently when he told a reporter that he would rather commit suicide than continue playing the iconic spy. While his stance has softened over the last few weeks, perhaps because Craig is still technically under contract for one more film, his comments have led many media outlets to begin speculating on who would be best suited to renew Bond's license to kill once Craig does decide to step away from the role.

As one might expect, the list of potential 007's is quite long and well-populated by some of Hollywood's most popular actors. However, many such lists are surprisingly diverse as well. Idris Elba, best known for his Golden Globe nominated portrayal of Nelson Mandela and as the title character in the BBC's Luther, is one of the leading candidates among fans and trails only Damian Lewis and Tom Hardy among odds-makers. Yes, you can actually bet on who the next James Bond will be (President Obama's odds currently sit at a robust 1000/1 should he decide to pursue acting as his next career).

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'What do you mean?' Justin Bieber and our culture

Justin Bieber's cover for new single 'What do you mean?' (Credit: Justin Bieber)Like a bear to honey and a Cowboys fan to lofty expectations, Justin Bieber is drawn to females. In his newest music video "What do you Mean," Bieber tackles a question that has boggled men's minds since the beginning of time. No, Justin is not trying to find the cure for the common cold, nor is he trying to scientifically prove the existence of God.  Rather, he attempts to understand the mind of a woman. As mysterious as they are perplexing, the beautiful thoughts of a particular woman have allured a young Bieber into a puzzling journey.

Justin has a long history and a longer list of fans affectionately known as 'bielbers' who have followed him in his various pursuits after women. Who can forget how Bieber first came on to the scene, informing audiences that his end goal would be to make "One Less Lonely Girl"? His primary subject matter interest would be the "Baby," some girl he met "One Time." Singer and rapper Usher joined him for a time as he tried to find "Somebody to Love." He wanted to be that "Boyfriend" that could make her "Smile." But now, that smile has turned upside down into a frustrating frown—or so he thinks.

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