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Maroon 5's 'Sugar'

Maroon 5 Sugar music video: lead singer Adam Levine and the rest of the band perform at a wedding that they crashed (Credit: Maroon 5 via Youtube)Maroon 5 wants sugar like the Dallas Cowboys want justice (#footballmove). In their newest single, Maroon 5 puts out a song that makes it impossible not to smile when listening to it. Named "Sugar," the only thing sweeter than this song is gas prices, Sonic Happy Hour, and the end of a Nickelback concert.

But what exactly is sugar? According to the band Fall Out Boy, it is warning issued to a group that signals that we are like the Titanic, "we're goin down." To 80's rock band Def Leppard, it's an ingredient poured over one's body by Miss Right… Now. And one artist liked sugar so much he decided to name himself after it. When you hear Sugar Ray, it is like you are listening to Jimmy Buffett's neglected cousin… with his suffering cat. But to Maroon 5, sugar is more than a sweet ingredient, it is a sensual sign of affection.

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