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When words and actions meet: Operation Blue Shield

Operation Blue Shield badge declaring 'I'm all in, 24,7,365' (Credit: Operation Blue Shield)Last month, members of the grassroots movement #BlackLivesMatter disrupted a Bernie Sanders campaign event to the extent that the candidate would not even take the stage. Last week, the movement gained an unexpected meeting with Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton after they threatened to disrupt her event. And word is spreading that the group is planning to disrupt the Minnesota State Fair, a traditional gathering that features politicians, livestock, and the necessary fried food.

What started as a Twitter hashtag, seeking to engender support, has turned into a grass roots organization, seeking to bring lasting change. They are claiming that this is more than a moment, but a movement. In a time when racial tension is palpable in the air, #BlackLivesMatter has deemed the status quo unacceptable and does not appear to be relenting anytime soon.

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Hilton Hotels nix on-demand pornography

A woman laying in a hotel bed, pointing a remote control at the television (Credit: ChenPG via Fotolia)Hilton Hotels & Resorts recently announced that they will stop offering on-demand pornography in their hotel rooms. Because of existing contractual obligations, the hotel chain says it cannot immediately remove the adult films from all of its sites. However, they will no longer be permitted in new or renewed vendor agreements as of September 1st and will be phased out entirely by July 1st of next year. The change will apply to all of its roughly 4,300 properties around the world.

The move was made after meeting with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) to gain a better understanding of the potential harm associated with providing such adult films. Following the decision, the NCOSE took the hotel chain off of its "Dirty Dozen" list, a collection of the "12 leading contributors of sexual exploitation." The group's reasoning is that "Pornography not only contributes to the demand for sex trafficking, which is a serious concern in hotels, but it also contributes to child exploitation, sexual violence, and lifelong porn addictions."

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Love me Tinder

Tinder presskit (Credit: Tinder)In response to an upcoming Vanity Fair piece that examines the impact of Tinder and other apps of its kind on the evolution of dating and romantic relations among Millennials, Damon Linker argues that the promiscuity so often condemned by older generations today is really just the fulfillment of the sexual revolution that began in the 1960's. In his article for The Week, he notes that there is little difference in the moral thinking and philosophy between then and now. Rather, the reality is that it's simply easier for young people today to have the kind of promiscuous life previous generations wanted.

To that end, he concludes that "This is the world we made, furnishing it with our mores, our freedom from judgment and consequences…Just because we arrived too late to "enjoy" it as fully as those who've graduated from college during the last decade doesn't make us any less responsible for it."

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Dad gets implant tattoo for his daughter

Alistair Campbell shows off the tattoo he got of a cochlear implant that matches his hearing impaired six-year-old daughter's cochlear implant (Credit: Anita-Alistair Campbell/Facebook)Aching wounds have a way of causing us to lose our words while we hold back our tears. Walt Whitman said he doesn't ask the wounded person how they are feeling, he attempts to become the wounded person. "The land of tears is so mysterious," according to Antonie de Saint-Exupery. Watching the wounded from close is a breeding-ground of helplessness and a drought ridden land with words. But where words are absent and heart is present, loving actions are birthed.

Meet Alistair Campbell.  Last week, his six-year-old daughter was fitted with a cochlear implant. This is an electronic device situated outside of the ear to stimulate the nerves in the inner ear. It does this in order to provide a sense of sound to those who have a hearing deficiency. Young Charlotte already had one device implanted when she was four. Upon receiving the news she would need a second, her dad wanted to show his love for her and empathize with her.

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The mic drop phenonmenon

Bob declares himself King of England, complete with a mic drop and ditching the plan to return the crown to his boss (Credit: Universal Pictures)The mic drop in an argument is like winning on the Price is Right. The atmosphere is charged, attention is singularly focused on the players, and there is usually little to lose and much to gain if you win.

Defined by urban dictionary as a phrase describing the action performed after getting the better of someone, mic drops are becoming both more prevalent and more desired. There has always been a timeless pursuit of victory in an argument, however the mic drop adds the proverbial cherry on top of the discussion dessert. It does not stop at winning the argument; the mic drop tries to emphatically make a point and at times humiliates the other person.

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