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How to change the world

Recent polls indicate that 70% of likely American voters say the country is headed the wrong direction. How does culture change? What can Christians and churches do to influence our culture for Christ? What role could multi-site church growth strategies play?

James Davison Hunter teaches at the University of Virginia and leads the Institute for Advances Studies in Culture. I consider him the most profound voice on culture change in the evangelical world. I was privileged to discuss his latest book, To Change the World, during a recent dinner with him.

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Inception and other mysteries

official inception the movie wallpaper from the facebook site I saw Leonardo DiCaprio's latest movie, Inception, last Monday night. Or at least I think I did.

I don't want to give away more than the trailer already does, but I can tell you that the movie is built on the thesis that technology could allow other people to modify our dreams. But there's a catch: this works only so long as we don't know we're dreaming. If we realize we are, the game's up.

At the end of the movie we're left to wonder, are we dreaming now? If we think we are, we aren't; if we think we aren't, we might be. If that sentence gives you a headache, my apologies.

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