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Content to Be Good, Called To Be Godly Content to Be Good, Called To Be Godly
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Content To Be Good, Called to Be Godly

This book is written for those who have a personal relationship with God but want to walk with him on a higher level of Christian maturity. Spiritual growth can be like physical growth. Children mature naturally and rapidly. One day we are reaching down to tie a shoe and soon we find ourselves reaching up to adjust a mortarboard or wedding veil. The changes from youth to adulthood are easy to measure and natural to expect. Maturity becomes more of a choice in our adult years. The same can be true spiritually. The lessons taught in this book are for those who want to make that choice to mature in their faith. You may, like many Christians, go to church faithfully each week, attend Bible studies, and try to follow the lessons you’ve learned. But what if your faith becomes routine and loses the powerful joy that accompanied your salvation?
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