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Wrestling With God Wrestling With God
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Content To Be Good, Called to Be Godly

Most days, I have all of God I want. My life is good: My family is blessed, our church is prosperous, my work seems successful. But I know that God wants a more intimate relationship with me than he and I have today. He wants me to love him with unbridled passion and trust him without reservation. I'll be honest—I don't, at least not often enough.

Part of the problem is that my life is too hectic and scheduled, without enough time for solitude and communion with God. But even my busyness is a reaction to the real problem. I have questions about God, issues that keep me from wanting to trust him more than I do.

It's hard to depend on someone who has disappointed you. (It's only natural to pull back, to minimize your risk and cut your losses, to decide not to let the person who hurt you hurt you again.) You may still have a relationship with that person. You may stay married, or keep your job, or maintain your friendship. But you won't expose yourself to further pain. More often than not, a liar will lie again. A thief will likely steal again. At the very least, you want the person to prove that things have changed before you'll believe they have.

So it is with my relationship with God.


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