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The Next Four Years The Next Four Years
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The Next Four Years: Faith Issues in the Obama Administration

The Next Four Years
Faith Issues in the Obama Administration

On the day President Barack Obama returns to office, here are questions he'll face:

  • Will there be another 9/11-like attack, killing our citizens and crippling our economy?
  • Will Iran obtain nuclear weapons? If so, will they use them to begin another Holocaust, or at the least, empower Israel's enemies to attack her people with impunity?
  • Will China's economic juggernaut continue? Will other nations threaten the future of our economy?
  • Will Russia's energy alliance with Europe lead to a new Soviet empire?
  • Will our nation's struggling economy fall back into recession?
  • Will America's superpower status go the way of Great Britain? Are we a nation in irreversible decline?
What can we expect from the next four years? The purpose of this report is not to survey every domestic and geopolitical issue facing the Obama administration, but to focus on those challenges that are clearly spiritual in nature. What faith issues will Americans confront in the coming years? How can Christians be the "light of the world" (Matthew 5:14) in a nation facing dark days?

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