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Why Israel Matters Why Israel Matters
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Why Israel Matters by Jim Denison

Why Israel Matters

The State of Israel ranks 154th among the world's nations in land size. Thirty-two Israels would fit in the state of Texas. The country ranks 97th in population, comprising 0.2 percent of humanity. And yet this tiny nation makes global headlines daily.

Rev. Jerry Falwell made the now-famous claim that "God judges nations as they judge Israel." Fifty-two percent of Americans believe that the existence of the modern state of Israel is a direct fulfillment of biblical prophecy. After Israel was created in 1948, bestselling authors such as Hal Lindsey and Tim LaHaye announced that the "end times" had come and concluded that this is the final generation.

Why does Israel matter? Why is this nation such a fulcrum on which the lever of history moves?

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